Compact SUVs provide many of the benefits of their full-sized companions, but in a more economical package. The Jeep Compass ranks as one of the more popular compact SUVs and for many good reasons. The model's capabilities factor heavily into the reason why. The Compass performs in an impressive manner.

Who wants to drive in bad weather? Whether you want to or not, sometimes you're stuck doing so.

The Jeep Compass comes with many features to address bad weather driving. A de-icer built into the windshield keeps ice and slush off the wipers. And those windshield wipers engage automatically if you request the rain-sensing system.

Even in nice weather, you want excellent traction. The 4x4 systems support improved traction, which may prove valuable on rough terrain. So can the exceptional maneuverability.

Enjoyably maneuver the Jeep Compass on a test drive around Muncie. At our dealership, the team wants you to see what the Compass can do.


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